Yoga in Portsmouth NH

What is Zev Yoga?

Zev Yoga, with studios located in Portsmouth, NH - Exeter, NH - Dover, NH, is a school for the integration of physical spirituality. All Zev Yoga classes explore the practice of dynamic movement synchronized with breath.  The intention is to cultivate a deep stability at the physical center of the body. Over time this will build physical confidence and invite the body and nervous system to relax. In this relaxation process, students become more aware of the present moment and the need to balance a life of doing with the experience of simply being. This becomes the springboard to see and experience life as an interconnected whole which can enhance vitality and inspire us to live in greater harmony.


Women's Self-Defense Workshop: Grace Under Pressure

THIS SATURDAY at Zev Yoga Exeter:

Women's Self Defense Workshop - "Grace Under Pressure"

DATE: Saturday, August 9th
TIME: 9:00am-10:30am
LOCATION: Zev Yoga Studios, Exeter
COST: $25/pp or $40 mother/daughter duos


You can also register in person at the Zev Yoga Exeter Studio (before or after any class).